Arrow Lawn Care – Details of Service

An overview of our services and other details so you’ll know what to expect with Arrow Lawn Care.

Lawn Mowing – The list below is the short version of what we do each visit.
  • Mow turf areas and trim around flower/shrub beds, trees, and out buildings.
  • Edge curbing, driveways, walkways and other concrete areas.
  • Clippings are mulched back into the lawn, unless otherwise specified.
  • Clippings will be bagged when mowing conditions deem it necessary as determined by crew leader or upon request.
  • Trash and items such as pine cones, sticks, etc. found on the lawn may be placed in clients’ trash can.
  • Driveways, sidewalks, porches and patios are blown off.
  • Crew leader will make a final walk of property and ensure that gates are closed and lawn looks great!

Leaf Removal and Cleanup – Depending on the amount of leaves, and client preferences, we make leaves disappear by bagging, mulching, or a combination of the two. Bags are typically left at the curb for city pick-up but can be hauled away for an additional dumping fee. When conditions and leaf density allow, we can skip the bags and completely mulch the leaves, which will decompose and return nutrients back to the soil.

Fees for leaf cleanup are based on our non-mowing labor rates. Contact Us for details.

Scheduling – Recurring mowing and maintenance jobs are scheduled Monday thru Friday. Should our regular schedule get interrupted, we will rearrange our work as required. Occasionally, we may need to mow on the weekend in order to get back on schedule. We contact clients affected by any necessary schedule adjustments. If you have a preferred day of the week for mowing, we will make every effort to schedule your lawn for that day.

Skip or Reschedule Visit – If you need to reschedule or skip a visit, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance of your next scheduled visit. If you request a skip service or reschedule after our crew has already been dispatched to your property, you will be billed 25% of your normal rate.

Rain Delays – We will not mow your lawn in the rain or if our crew leader determines that conditions are too wet to allow for proper mowing. Your visit will be moved to our wait list and will be rescheduled as soon as possible. As weather permits, we will get your visits back to your regularly scheduled day.

Safety – Mowing and trimming equipment can propel rocks or other debris. It is not safe for children (or adults) to be in the yard when we are using power equipment. Please help us keep everyone safe!

Yard Access – If you normally keep your gates locked, please remember to leave them unlocked or make other arrangements for our crew to service your property. We will close and lock the gates before leaving.

Pets – For your pet’s safety and our peace of mind, please keep your pets inside while we are servicing your property. Please pick up waste, toys, bones, etc., before our arrival.

We also offer poop scooping starting at just $8 per visit. Contact Us for details.

Payment Methods – One of the following payment options is required.
  1. Pay as you go clients simply keep a valid credit or debit card on file through our secure payment gateway in the Client Portal. The “Auto Charge” option must be selected when entering card information. The card on file will be charged after service is provided.
  2. Clients who do not wish to keep a card on file may pre-pay for service. Pre-pay clients may use credit cards via the Client Portal, but may also pay by check or cash. Pre-pay accounts are to be paid for 1 month in advance.
  3. Cash or check at time of service will be accepted and may be left in a predetermined location if no one will be home.
Note: Any accounts with an unpaid balance will be removed from our schedule until balance is paid.

Licensed and Insured – Arrow Lawn Care, LLC maintains a business licensed with the city of Virginia Beach and is registered with the SCC. We also carry liability insurance for your peace of mind, as well as ours. We’ve never filed a claim, but it’s good to know we’re covered.

Termination of Service –   Arrow Lawn Care, LLC does not require long term service contracts and service may be cancelled at anytime. We want you to continue using us because we’re doing a great job, not because of contractual obligations.

Arrow Lawn Care service area map. Kempsville to Red Mill.

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 goal. We’ve worked hard to establish a reputation for quality work and excellent customer service. We know that you have many choices when it comes to hiring a lawn service and we appreciate the opportunity to show you the difference Arrow Lawn Care can make.

Alvin Sowers

Owner, Arrow Lawn Care, LLC

Virginia Beach Lawn Service