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Arrow Lawn Care, LLC is continually growing and we are always on the lookout for good people who would like to join us. Our focus is residential lawn care and maintenance with emphasis on quality work, reliability, and attentive customer service. 90% of our work during the growing season is mow, trim, blow, and go. We also do bush and shrub trimming, flower bed renovation, mulch installation, gutter cleaning, brush clearing, spring and fall cleanups, and other yard maintenance.

No matter what time of year, if you’re interested in joining us, take a moment and visit our employment page and fill out an application. All applications are considered and kept on file for at least 90 days. New hires are subject to a 60 day probationary period.




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Top 6 Reasons To Choose Arrow Lawn Care

Anyone can mow a lawn.

Chimp Mowing Grass

Anyone can mow.

Would you want just anyone?

If you’ve decided you want to let someone else take care of your lawn, how do you choose? Would you get references? Grab someone you’ve seen in the neighborhood? Search the web and read all the reviews?

Does it even matter? After all, it ain’t rocket science, it’s just cuttin’ grass.

Be that as it may, we thought we’d share a few things about Arrow Lawn Care that we believe make us worth checking out. While anyone with a mower can get the grass cut, there are other things to consider that could influence your hiring decisions.

These things might not be important to you. They are important to us.

We Are Experienced

Arrow Lawn Care has been in business since 2005 and many of our original clients are still with us. We’ve been around and plan on being around.

We Cut Pretty

Our crew members are trained to our persnickety standards and follow a 15 point checklist on every lawn. We take pride in your lawn and put quality before quantity. Every time.

We Are Professional

We are licensed and insured. We treat you and your property with respect. Our vehicles are clearly marked and our employees are uniformly dressed. You’ll know who’s on your property.

We Are Easy

No contracts required. We accept credit card payments online. Our Client Portal gives you 24/7 access to your account history and payment information. Contact us by phone, email, or text.

We Are Reliable

We use a web based client management and scheduling system to keep us on track. Even when our schedule gets a little hectic due to three straight days of rain, we keep you informed so you know when to expect us.

You’re The Boss

If you’d like to tell us the particulars of how you want us to mow, we listen. If you would like us to make changes to something we are already doing for you, we will.

Arrow Lawn Care, LLC, Lawn Maintenance, Virginia Beach, VA

Best Lawn Watering Practices

How Much and How Often

The right amounts of water delivered at the right times will help you have a beautiful and happy lawn. Proper watering is another key to helping your grass develop deeper roots. Deeper roots mean greener, stronger, more drought tolerant grass.

How Much?rain_gauge_2

Most lawns and grass types in the Virginia Beach area will do well with 1 to 1-1/2 inches of water per week. Over watering is the most common mistake and can contribute to fungal growth, unwanted weeds, thatch buildup, insect pests, spongy soil, and oxygen deprived root systems. Under watering will result in browning, dry blades. It’s easy enough to measure how much water your lawn is getting by strategically placing a rain gauge or empty tuna can on your lawn.

Water Deep and Less Often

How and when that water gets delivered is as important as how much. The goal is to keep the soil moist about six inches below the surface. Deep moisture = deep roots. Some experts suggest applying the desired amount of water only once a week. Others recommend breaking it down to 3 times a week. Soil, grass type, and weather conditions will have some impact on which method would be best for your lawn.


Short and frequent watering will result in very shallow root systems and a weak lawn susceptible to weeds, drought, and disease.

If you’re unsure, 20 to 30 minutes in each zone 3 times a week is a good start. Go DEEP!

Earlier is Better

Early morning watering will allow the water to soak in before the sun starts beating down. During the hottest times of the day, you will lose a good amount of moisture to evaporation. Sprinkling late in the day will leave the surface soggy for longer periods and encourage disease and fungus growth.

Note: These watering tips are for established lawns. More frequent watering will be needed when starting seeds or new sod has been installed.


Leaf Removal – Fall Lawn Care

Every Fall, They Fall.

Leaves. Everywhere. You could just leave the leaves where they lay to suffocate your grass, get tracked into your home and provide camouflage for doggie doodie, or like most, you’d rather make them go away. Arrow Lawn Care’s leaf removal services can handle this annual task for you using different strategies for different leaf removal jobs.Leaf Cleanup Virginia Beach

Remove or Recycle

Depending on the amount of leaves we’re dealing with, and customer preferences, we make them disappear by baggin ’em up, choppin ’em up, or a combination of the two. When we need to bag, leaves are blown and raked into big piles and stuffed into bags to be left at the curb for city pick-up. What’s left gets chopped into little bitty pieces that decompose quickly. Note: the City of Virginia Beach asks that you put no more than 25 bags out at a time and that each bag weighs 25 pounds or less.

If the piles aren’t too huge, we can mulch the leaves into oblivion. This is our preferred method as the leaf remnants will decompose and return nutrients back to the soil, naturally. It’s good for the soil and the environment.

Mini Leaf Clean-Up

This is a weekly removal or mulching of leaves to prevent a huge buildup. For our regularly scheduled customers with little to moderate amounts of leaf accumulation, we provide what we might call “mini leaf clean-ups”, up to 3 bags, for the regular cost of mowing ($5 bagging charge may apply).

Major Leaf Removal

When we need to tackle yards with several mature leaf shedders and the mini clean-up just isn’t enough, we dedicate a visit for major removal efforts. As with most of our other non-mowing services, fees for leaf removal are based on our current labor rates. Contact Us for details.

Incremental Leaf Clean-Up

Leaf Removal BlowerWhen the leaves are still falling and we are called for a clean-up, we do our best to make the leaves disappear from the lawn and blow out/rake flowerbeds, under shrubs, and other areas where leaves can accumulate. Getting these areas completely clear of leaves can be time consuming (costly), so we recommend incremental leaf clean-ups until the trees are naked. After the last of the leaves drop, we can get all the nooks and crannies cleaned out for you.


Choke Out Weeds By Mowing Higher

Mow High, Mow OftenMowing higher for better lawns

Lawn care experts agree that different types of grasses have optimal mowing heights to help keep them happy and healthy.

Some folks figure that the shorter they mow their grass, the longer it will be before they need to do it again. That may be true, but when it’s cut too low, the grass will be less healthy and it will be easier for weeds to thrive.

Mowing Trauma

Mowing is actually hard on grass. Every time you do it, you’re chopping back the plant’s photosynthesis laboratory, its leaves. Grass blades, like all leaves, convert sunshine into sugars which then get converted into starches and stored in the roots. Cut the too grass short, and you drastically reduce its ability to perform photosynthesis. This will weaken the grass, roots and all, making your lawn more vulnerable to weeds, pests, and diseases.

Taller grass is healthier in itself, and it gives weeds less opportunity to take root. Many of the weeds in our lawns grow low and have shallow roots. Short grass allows these weeds plenty of space to soak up sun and settle in. They’ll grow like – well – weeds. Let the grass long and strong and it will curb weeds, simply by shading them out on the topside and choking them out underneath.

Arrow Lawn Care recommends a minimum mowing height of 3″ for most of the lawns we maintain. Lawns with fescue blends are often cut at 3.5″ to 4″. We mow a little lower for the warm season varieties such as bermuda, zoysia, and St. Augustine – 2″ to 2.5″.

Remember to keep your blades sharp and cut pretty!

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Grass Clippings – Bag or Mulch?

Back in the olden days we just shot grass of out the right side of our mower and that was that. If it left an unsightly mess, we raked it up and put it in bags. If not, all was well. Nowadays, many mowers don’t even come with discharge chutes so we’re faced with the big decision between bagging or mulching. Which one is best? I vote for recycling.

“Recycling” your grass clippings, or grasscycling, helps feed the lawn by returning the organic matter and grasscyclenutrients back to the soil. Grasscycling can also reduce the need for watering, reduce or eliminate the need for fertilizing, and help prevent common turf diseases.

Some people just don’t want the clippings left on the lawn. My mom insisted on bagging because she didn’t want clippings getting tracked into the house. So, of course, I bagged mom’s yard every time… because she said so!

That being said, we mulch most of the yards we service and bag when we need to or when it’s requested. A good mulching mower with sharp blades will chop those clippings small enough that they just sift down through the lawn, decompose quickly and feed the lawn. Mowing when the grass is dry also helps ensure that the clippings will scatter evenly rather than clumping.

Whether you bag or mulch… just Cut Pretty!