Leaf Removal – Fall Lawn Care

Every Fall, They Fall.

Leaves. Everywhere. You could just leave the leaves where they lay to suffocate your grass, get tracked into your home and provide camouflage for doggie doodie, or like most, you’d rather make them go away. Arrow Lawn Care’s leaf removal services can handle this annual task for you using different strategies for different leaf removal jobs.Leaf Cleanup Virginia Beach

Remove or Recycle

Depending on the amount of leaves we’re dealing with, and customer preferences, we make them disappear by baggin ’em up, choppin ’em up, or a combination of the two. When we need to bag, leaves are blown and raked into big piles and stuffed into bags to be left at the curb for city pick-up. What’s left gets chopped into little bitty pieces that decompose quickly. Note: the City of Virginia Beach asks that you put no more than 25 bags out at a time and that each bag weighs 25 pounds or less.

If the piles aren’t too huge, we can mulch the leaves into oblivion. This is our preferred method as the leaf remnants will decompose and return nutrients back to the soil, naturally. It’s good for the soil and the environment.

Mini Leaf Clean-Up

This is a weekly removal or mulching of leaves to prevent a huge buildup. For our regularly scheduled customers with little to moderate amounts of leaf accumulation, we provide what we might call “mini leaf clean-ups”, up to 3 bags, for the regular cost of mowing ($5 bagging charge may apply).

Major Leaf Removal

When we need to tackle yards with several mature leaf shedders and the mini clean-up just isn’t enough, we dedicate a visit for major removal efforts. As with most of our other non-mowing services, fees for leaf removal are based on our current labor rates. Contact Us for details.

Incremental Leaf Clean-Up

Leaf Removal BlowerWhen the leaves are still falling and we are called for a clean-up, we do our best to make the leaves disappear from the lawn and blow out/rake flowerbeds, under shrubs, and other areas where leaves can accumulate. Getting these areas completely clear of leaves can be time consuming (costly), so we recommend incremental leaf clean-ups until the trees are naked. After the last of the leaves drop, we can get all the nooks and crannies cleaned out for you.