Grass Clippings – Bag or Mulch?

Back in the olden days we just shot grass of out the right side of our mower and that was that. If it left an unsightly mess, we raked it up and put it in bags. If not, all was well. Nowadays, many mowers don’t even come with discharge chutes so we’re faced with the big decision between bagging or mulching. Which one is best? I vote for recycling.

“Recycling” your grass clippings, or grasscycling, helps feed the lawn by returning the organic matter and grasscyclenutrients back to the soil. Grasscycling can also reduce the need for watering, reduce or eliminate the need for fertilizing, and help prevent common turf diseases.

Some people just don’t want the clippings left on the lawn. My mom insisted on bagging because she didn’t want clippings getting tracked into the house. So, of course, I bagged mom’s yard every time… because she said so!

That being said, we mulch most of the yards we service and bag when we need to or when it’s requested. A good mulching mower with sharp blades will chop those clippings small enough that they just sift down through the lawn, decompose quickly and feed the lawn. Mowing when the grass is dry also helps ensure that the clippings will scatter evenly rather than clumping.

Whether you bag or mulch… just Cut Pretty!